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During these unprecedented times, we must be flexible and do business in ways we may not usually do. We recognize the discomfort that uncertainty can cause, and are seeking to provide some clarity in this time. Our district, and the state, is ensuring the safety of our students by providing educational opportunities at a distance. In keeping with that practice, we will be having our Drill team auditions online this year.

The purpose for proceeding with tryouts via online is to ensure that we are able to appropriately plan for our teams next year by ordering items, organizing summer events and procuring choreographers for specific numbers on our teams. By ensuring we have our team selected in May, it allows us adequate time to order items and plan so that our teams can operate with success and ease in the 2020-2021 school year. 

​While this different procedure can produce some trepidation, the opportunity that it provides has definite benefits, ensuring that our 2020-2021  team is able to start the year organized, excited and ready for a dance year that will be the best yet. The benefit for a student who is auditioning is that you choose the best video of your tryout dance to submit. Below is the process that we will follow this year.
(For visual learners, there is a video for your reference as well above)

Eligibility for 2020-2021 Tryouts:

  • In order to tryout for drill team at Grand Oaks High School, a candidate must:

    • Live in the Grand Oaks High School official boundary as established by CISD during the time of tryouts, or have been accepted as a transfer to GOHS.

    • Be an incoming 9th-12th grader

    • Have an overall semester average of 70 or higher with no more than one F for the semester. You must have also passed all classes the preceding grading period according to UIL eligibility. (Pre AP-65 or highter. AP-50 or higher)

    • May not have been academically ineligible for any two (2) nine-weeks grading periods prior to tryouts.

    • Be in good standing with the assistant principal’s office. There must be no recurring behavior problems.

    • Students must have an attendance record that complies with the District attendance policy.

    • Student must have no more than 1 team dismissal or resignation on file.

    • If a candidate is injured prior to the tryout date, he/she must submit a release form from the trainer, or medical doctor, in order to participate in tryouts. 




  • Watch the Canvas Course Enrollment & Video Uploading Tutorial above.

  • Look for an email from the Director on Tuesday April 21st, 2020.

  • Within the email that you receive from the director you will obtain a link to self-enroll in the tryout canvas course. This is how you will upload your tryout video.

  • This email will be sent to the address from which you entered on your application.

  • If you do not receive an email from the director on Tuesday April 21st,be sure that you reach out to the director via email again.


  • Locate, practice and video your school’s tryout routine. Team & officer videos can be found below.

The links will not go live until April 13th:

  • CLICK HERE for the Team Tryout Routine with counts

  • CLICK HERE for the Team Tryout Routine with music as viewed from the back

  • CLICK HERE for the Team Tryout Routine with music as viewed from the front

  • CLICK BELOW for the Team Tryout Song:

  • CLICK HERE for the Dance Officer Tryout Routine with counts as viewed from the back

  • CLICK HERE for the Dance Officer Tryout Routine with music as viewed from the front

  • CLICK BELOW for the Dance Officer Tryout Song

  • Make sure to obtain as much space as possible to do the dances. We understand that space may be limited, but the more space you have the more you will be able to show the judges what you have.

  • You are welcome to utilize a laptop, iPad, phone, or another device to ensure that your dance is completely captured.

  • You may consider asking an adult to video you to ensure that the camera moves where you move, if you go off of the screen it will be difficult to score you on that portion.

  • Please wear all black form-fitting dance attire and appropriate dance shoes. Examples include a Black Leotard & Black Leggings, or a Black Racer back Tank Top & Black Leggings. Undergarments, tops, midriffs and bottoms should not show.

  • Hair should be slicked back in a low ponytail with a part over your right eye.

  • Makeup should be performance style makeup with red lipstick.

  • Due to Covid-19, If you are unable to obtain all black dance attire, performance hair, or makeup, we will not reduce the points. However, please keep in mind that, like an interview, you want to video the best version of you possible.

  • Join our team instagram page @gohsroyalpride for upcoming tryout tips and technique tutorials.

  • Feel free to reach out via email should you need feedback virtually on technical elements, questions on choreography, and help from the directors prior to the video submission deadline. 

  • Please upload ONE (SINGLE TAKE, UN-EDITED) video to your canvas course.



  • All video submissions are due to the Canvas Course by April 29th at 11:59 pm.

  • Please plan to submit your video no later than April 28th to allow yourself a cushion of time, submission earlier is highly recommended.

  • If you upload your video to YouTube, you will need to ensure that permissions are set appropriately so that those with the link are able to view.

  • If there is difficulty viewing your video, prepare for your directors to contact you via email. Check your email regularly.


  • The tryout will have three judges, just as they would have had if tryouts were in real time.

  • The judges will view the videos and score them appropriately.

  • Selection will be based on dance technique (coordination, style and grace), high kick technique (flexibility, height, extension, strength and endurance), projection, memory, splits, and overall execution.

  • The directors will be able to advocate for dancers.

  • After the judges have watched all submissions and scored all candidates, they will submit their scores to the tabulator. The three judges scores will be calculated together. The natural break in scores will determine the candidates selected for varsity and junior varsity.

  • The results of the auditions will be posted on the team website by May 2nd to ensure that time is given for the judges to assess each candidate, for directors to appropriately advocate for candidates and for calculations to occur.

  • All decisions of the judges are FINAL. Following tryouts, any candidate who does not make the team who wishes to review their scores, must make an appointment with the administrator and/or director. You have one week from tryouts to take care of this. 

​We are truly thrilled to get to see your fabulous dancing, we miss our students terribly. We are excited to see you virtually show off your talent. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact your school’s dance director. Happy dancing!
Jessica Hardesty- Jhardesty@conroeisd.net

Hannah Gassett- Hgassett@conroeisd.net

Quick Reference Important Dates
April 8th-Virtual Tryout Meeting & Applications posted

April 13th-Tryout video's posted

April 20th- 11:59 pm-Application Deadline
April 21st – Email from Director with Self-Enroll Canvas Course Link

April 21st-29th Tryout Video Submission Window Open (Videos Uploaded onto Tryout Canvas Course)

April 29th-11:59 pm- Tryout Video Submission Deadline
April 30th & May 1st- Judge Deliberations

May 2nd - Announcement of the 2020-2021 Varsity and Junior Varsity Dance and Drill Teams

*Please note that while we intend to create a Junior Varsity Team this year, we are not going to create one just for the sake of creating one. We anticipate that there is a need for it, but will not be sure until videos are submitted and scores are entered. 

Stupid Love (Lady Gaga)-Royal Pride Team Tryout Song
00:00 / 03:56
Human (Rag'n'Bone Man)-Royal Pride Officer Tryout Song
00:00 / 01:41

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